NCSWIC isn’t just a catchphrase

I have this reader question: “Once this movement is started what will prevent the cabal in shutting all communication down in retaliation to keep us peasants ignorant?” You guys need to understand, Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing! NCSWIC It sounds cool as fuck, but it isn’t just a catchphrase. Don’t fear the cabal,Continue reading “NCSWIC isn’t just a catchphrase”

The next 4 years will not be boring.

Watching current events unfold right now is most excellent. The attention being brought (by trump) to the Arizona ballot audit situation is incredible. I watched the court battles unfold in that state over the last couple months. The audit was most definitely uncertain but finally it has begun. Things are happening in other states atContinue reading “The next 4 years will not be boring.”

The Trump Movement’s Ultimate Victory has Become Inevitable

3/2/21 It has become clear to me that certain social forces have been unleashed and these forces will lead to the defeat of the current wave of authoritarianism in the United States. This is a bold claim and I will detail it. The 2020 election and it’s aftermath have revealed just how far establishment Washington,Continue reading “The Trump Movement’s Ultimate Victory has Become Inevitable”