How Trump Set us up to WIN BIG

I am going to lay out some social problems that I see and then talk about how Trump set the stage for a big win against the establishment.   

The United States is fucked up right now (duh). People have near zero trust in government, news media, big corporations, and so on. The world seems upside down right now. Nobody really knows what is true or real anymore.

Much of the unrest and distrust has been sown by the political parties and their allies in the media. The government policy around Covid has largely been a disaster. Draconian measures were implemented, and they have been proven to have been a horrible mistake. Covid was used as a pretext for more social control. This has lead to a historic lack of trust in government. Parents can’t even trust their local school boards any longer.

Media propaganda is one of the most destructive forces in our society. We have corporate media that makes sure to lie on behalf of the establishment always and often. People have been split up into warring tribes living in media bubbles. Shitlibs are a media/brainwashing creation. It is as simple as that.

The FBI and other federal law enforcement have been converted into a modern Gestapo. Instead of enforcing laws evenly and fairly and rationally, they are the political police now. Look at what is happening to the Jan 6 rioters (or trespassers in many cases). The FBI is utterly ruining people for a trespass charge. That’s not an accident, that is crushing dissent. Hell, even the Attorney General is leveling threats of prosecution for states conducing election audits. It’s transparent intimidation at this point.

Big Tech/Corporate media works hand in hand together to push establishment propaganda. They gaslight the population about establishment wrongdoing. When they aren’t doing that they are constantly accusing people of racism and sexism. Its exhausting. If you dissent too much against any of this then big tech hammers you with censorship. They even censored the fucking president. That’s a clue people.

Basically, these institutions have coalesced into a neofascistic globalist force for oppression. We get endless war, endless propaganda to divide along race/party lines, endless social control, endless money printing for the benefit of the oligarchs.. and so on. Our government is being run by a tiny group of people for the benefit of themselves itself along with their corporate, media, and big tech buddies. It has become obvious that this is a loosely associated cabal of common interests that have gotten together to screw us.

The elites that run our country are dug in like a tick. How do we remove them?

For one, You can’t vote against their candidate. Trump winning in 2016 was a fluke situation that the cabal spent the last 4 years making sure wouldn’t be repeated. They ran propaganda against Trump and obstructed him to the maximum extent possible. Obviously in 2020 the cabal engineered vote rigging/coup to completely shut down the idea of reform at the ballot box.

 The peasants want to pick their own president? Not a chance.

Using force to solve this problem is absolutely a loser for our side. The relatively tame violence (by riot standards) at the capitol on Jan 6 committed by Trump supporters was amplified to the maximum by the media and is now a pretext for a “domestic terrorism” push from the 3 letter agencies. They will use any such violence as an excuse to clamp down harder. Violence isn’t a good thing to begin with but in this situation it actually helps the other side a lot.

Before we talk about the solution, I need to explain the cabal better.

A good case study in the cabal is Mark Zuckerberg. He is a big part of this problem. He has set up his social media platform to systematically marginalize groups and views he doesn’t like. He also took hundreds of millions of dollars and paid to help rig the election in key swing states. He then ran propaganda on Facebook for months before the election to tell you how elections are “safe and secure” and all that other horseshit. Wrap your head around that kind of narcissism, arrogance, and evil. This is fuckery at a societal level. Zuckerberg is a James Bond villain at this point.

The global elite (as a group) are pretty much all like this. They do evil shit while pretending to be upright and moral. They are fine with endlessly bombing black and brown people in the middle east but “cancel” political opponents for 10 year old tweets. The hypocrisy is so in your face and so extreme that honestly I don’t think most people can even see it yet. It’s just too much and they don’t accept that it is really happening.

Ok…. So who are the cabal members? CEOs of fortune 500 companies, people high up in government, people high up in the media, people at the top of most fields for whatever reason are quite obviously working in collusion. If you look closely (follow the money) it would appear that we are in a downward spiral and the oligarchs at the top are running the printing presses to keep this whole sham going and lying to the population about it.

At the end of the day, you need to accept that we have been lied to for a long time by very respected and powerful people. They fully understand how badly they are screwing up society, but they blame you for it and keep doing what they are doing anyway. They preach about “protecting democracy” while they systematically undermine democracy. These people are sick.

Most people understand things are bleaker than ever even if they don’t know why. They think we have no chance to crush the cabal and take our government back. There just doesn’t appear to be hope of reform. People on the left are demoralized too! They can’t see the fraud is real yet due to the media landscape they live in, but they understand the government isn’t doing shit for them.

 Ok… So how can we win?

The way to break through the establishment propaganda is to paint the cabal as the frauds, dipshits, liars, and tools that they are. Luckily, the establishment has gone all in on the “big lie” about the election. On corporate media whenever they talk about the election (and they do every day) they always talk about “false claims of voter fraud” and “no evidence” and “conspiracy theories” and so on.

How is this going to play when the drip drip drip of evidence that we have been seeing in public lately turns into a firehose? What the hell is the cabal going to do? I mean how do you walk the lies back? This is a serious question.. I don’t see a way out of this for them. They are anchored in place and committed to this lie (due to Trump’s masterful maneuvering by the way).

During the post election and pre inauguration timeframe Trump successfully made the establishment think he was holding no cards. He sent out Rudy Giuliani to lose in court and get mocked in the media. Trump dragged things out as long as he could! He made sure that as many of his supporters as possible understood that the fraud was real but he didn’t fight all that hard to overturn the election. Trump stood tall against the cabal and told the truth and worked within the law (halfheartedly) to retain office.

Trump is smart enough to know that any move he made to keep power would let the other side paint him as an authoritarian. Because Trump is fighting for the people and not fighting for the office he very wisely took a different path. He let the cabal think that they had beaten him. He went quiet and got out of sight.

Trumps restraint has created this opportunity. Examine the situation for a moment. All that has to happen now is that the fraud be irrefutably proven to the public and the public will be forced to confront many of the truths that I have discussed.

Think about it. It is about to become undeniably obvious that we don’t have a left vs right sort of situation. We have a serfdom vs sovereignty fight on our hands. When people understand the actual stakes on the table they are going to start changing direction fast.

You don’t engage in massive vote rigging and censorship and oppression when you are the good guys. That’s not stuff that people on the right side do. It just isn’t. I think proving the fraud to regular people will be a devastating body blow to the cabal’s propaganda in a way few people are ready for. People are going to learn who the bad guys are.

Why will this be so bad? Don’t most republicans and some democrats already believe the election was rigged? How will anything change or anything new happen? Isn’t this a waste of time? Shouldn’t we focus on something else?

No. We should focus on election fraud.

At this point you can accept that there was fraud that swung the elections. You probably think democrats did what they needed to do to get rid of trump and a bit of fraud put them over the top. That isn’t the whole truth. It’s so much worse than you think. The truth is, there has been systematic widespread fraud going on all over the country (and world) for decades. Both parties are in on it. Both parties are culpable. Why do you think the GOP didn’t do shit to help Trump when he claimed fraud?

As the evidence of this much more massive scheme is uncovered it is going to put the cabal in a tight spot. If people understand the extent of the collusion between the parties to fix elections, they are going to start to understand and accept the idea of a powerful cabal that runs the show. If people understand and believe they are being fucked by oligarchs, then minds begin to change.

The first big shot at the cabal is going to be the Arizona Audit. That audit will demonstrate that Trump won Arizona, sure. The margin of his victory and the extent of the fraud is going to be what is truly amazing. This is going to give people on our side lots of energy and they will push for audits all over the place. The more they audit, the more they will find. The more they find, the more juice they have to demand more audits.

It will become obvious to people that the fraud scheme was massive. It was aided by officials in all levels of government. It was ignored by law enforcement. It was lied about (knowingly) by corporate media. The list of people that are culpable or that had knowledge of this scheme is huge.

The biggest victory that is going to be won here is showing the public the truth. More and more people are going to get unplugged from the fake reality that corporate media shows them. People think the news is biased, they need to understand it is full on gaslighting the population so the establishment can keep fucking over the peasants. Proving fraud over and over again state after state is going to unplug a lot of people from the bullshit.

This is the best way possible to start deprogramming the brainwashed leftists. I am talking about the people that watch CNN and think it is news. Those people can be shown a lot of truth about the world if they get the message about the fraud.

We can push for criminal penalties for voteriggers. Think about how many people KNOWINGLY signed legally binding documents to “certify” results that were fraudulent. As these audits finish up the people can start pressing for more and more criminal sanctions. This is going to just pour more gas on the fire and get things to happen faster. The audit data can be given to law enforcement and people can start demanding charges. The first jurisdiction that files a charge against a voterigger is going to set the trend for more to follow.

Following the money related to the rigging will yield even more legal openings. There are already lawsuits flying over the zuckerbucks… let’s see what other sources of funding of the rigging there are. Let’s see if any foreign government helped rig the election. The legal avenues to do damage to the establishment are nearly limitless in this case. You watch. You will see. It is just a matter of how much people start digging into the corruption. There is enough there to find to destroy our establishment cabal.

Once again, really think about it. We have been lied into wars for decades. We have had massive fuckery cause financial collapse. We have mass surveillance. We have so much nonsense happening in our government over the last few decades and nobody ever gets held accountable for it. Nothing ever happens to these fuckers. If charges are filed against just one high profile voterigger it is going to galvanize people behind a movement for accountability. We don’t want another Iraq war or financial collapse that results in mass misery for the peasants but zero problems for those in charge. We need to push for maximum accountability on this.

This will turn into a populist uprising. People are figuring out if they don’t reverse the trend of increasing government and corporate control over their lives they aren’t going to have any freedom left. Election fraud is the powder keg that the populists need to set off in order to defeat the cabal.

At a minimum, this movement is going to:

Destroy the democratic party politically

Destroy neocon wing of the GOP politically

Undermine 3 letter federal law enforcement agencies that covered up the fraud

Corporate media blown the fuck out. People will understand that they aren’t just liars, they are your fucking enemies.

Once again, The best angle of attack on the establishment right now is to prove election fraud over and over again and start blasting out that evidence all over the place. As like minded people figure out the game and smell blood in the water they are going to jump on board and start helping.  

Trump set it up brilliantly… all the people need to do is follow through. This is a once in a generation opportunity to effect actual political and social change. It will be done legally. It will be non-violent. It is morally correct. It is legally correct. It is about spreading truth instead of lies. This is going to work.

Together we are going to win.

4 thoughts on “How Trump Set us up to WIN BIG

  1. Great summary of why we can have hope! Thank you.
    Something else I think would be helpful is the evaluation and maybe rating of info sources on platforms like Telegram, Rumble, etc. If you are just beginning to ‘wake up’, looking for more information can be extremely difficult and confusing. It seems like there are a lot of people acting pro-freedom and -integrity, but are actually trying to mislead and sabotage our movement.

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  2. NOTHING can stop what is coming! And that day is officially tomorrow, 7.23.21. The day the SHOT will be heard around the world! ❤️🍿❤️


  3. Once this movement is started what will prevent the cabal in shutting all communication down in retaliation to keep us peasants ignorant?


  4. The Democrats, media and CDC are setting us up for 2022 by implementing the same restrictions and masking as a excuse to replay their game plan of 2020.


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