Fun times!

The last couple months have been fun.

With all the interesting stuff going on the hyperventilating about masks and vaccines has been the most interesting to me. If any single issue is capable of turning people on the establishment it is the total shitshow that the global establishment has made of its covid response. Our ability to live our lives has been radically altered in many ways. We have seen a new censorship regime take hold on the internet.

You can’t send your kids to school because “science” and you can’t disagree with “science” or you wont be on facebook any longer. Got that peasant?

It’s maddening.

As the restrictions loosen up and we learn more, it appears that perhaps covid 19 was never the apocalyptic event we were sold on. More and more people are coming around to that point of view. It is interesting to watch the mainstream media continually peddle fear porn about something most people are no longer afraid of. It’s bizarre really… but it is helpful. It is helping to illustrate that our leadership and their media allies want to make us more afraid of covid (why?).

I have noted that there has been a definite shift in everyday opinion, especially among Trump voters. There is widespread cynicism about the government and media right now. Its good, they have been paying attention and they see the system for what it is. The election situation woke a lot of them up.

Not all the Trump voters are sold on the idea that the election was a sham. The media successfully gaslit them into accepting the situation.

For those people, I have good news. The situation is changing. There are audits and examinations going on all over the country. Michigan, New Hampshire, Georgia, Arizona and more are involved in these audits. The Arizona audit is getting a national spotlight now.

Watch Rachael Maddow explain how this audit “risks harming faith in elections”.

Something tells me she is right. This audit is going to undermine faith in elections… and that is a good thing. More and more people will start waking up to how crooked the system is. In a years time we may well be a majority in the US.

The left will not wake up until the corona scam falls apart. I don’t see it happening sooner.

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