Who can I trust?

Reader question:

“Great summary of why we can have hope! Thank you.
Something else I think would be helpful is the evaluation and maybe rating of info sources on platforms like Telegram, Rumble, etc. If you are just beginning to ‘wake up’, looking for more information can be extremely difficult and confusing. It seems like there are a lot of people acting pro-freedom and -integrity, but are actually trying to mislead and sabotage our movement.”

This is.. of course… an excellent question. If you are awake, it means you have a fundamentally different worldview than most other people. I don’t think you will be alone for long… but in the meantime you need a place to get your news.

News that interests those of us that are awake seems to be the sorts of issues that are going to help wake more people up. Think about it like societal friction points. These are the things you probably want to know more about.

As the reader question alludes to, there are a lot of dumbasses saying a lot of dumb shit right now. I think in large part this is driven by newly awaken people that start to question everything (this is good) and then can grasp on to Qtard stuff pretty quickly (this is bad). People just don’t know what is real any longer.

The most important thing to keep in your mind is that to be awake means you need to think and analyze for yourself. You should trust nothing. You should believe nobody. You should be looking at primary sources as much as possible.

All of that stuff out of the way, I am going to run down sources of information that I regularly use.

4chan’s famous board “Pol” is something I browse regularly. I think 95% of the posts on there are fake, false, or some other type of misleading. The reason I spend so much time on 4chan is that threads can go in literally any direction so I can run down all sorts of different ideas and information. I put up with the porn advertisements and the over the top racist nature of that board to find interesting nuggets.

Donald Trump’s personal website is another good thing to follow. Trump will often chime in on issues in a very strategic manner and watching what he turns his attention to can give you an idea about what the news cycle will do with his statements. It is a little bit hilarious to see the mainstream news argue with Trump all day long when he hasn’t been in office for months. He lives in their head.

As nuts as it sounds, I watch CNN regularly. They are so blatant and so obvious with the propaganda at this point that I think the quickest way to the truth is to watch CNN and invert it. You probably have a better sense of what is going on. In any event, get comfortable with the idea of watching opposition news/propaganda and analyzing it for yourself.

As far as straight up news, check out Gateway Pundit and Just the News. Both sites regularly post articles on issues that my readers would find interesting.

As much as it pains me to say it, you should get a twitter account if you don’t have one or previously got kicked off for “wrong think”. There are dozens of twitter accounts worth following even though the app generally seems to be trannys arguing with homos about pronoun usage. Noor Bin Laden is an easy account to recommend you follow. She knows what’s up and hammers the establishment hard.

The fastest, easiest, and best app for news right now is Telegram. I recommend you follow Disclose.tv, Paul Joseph Watson, Blackpilled, and The America Project. There are many others but those are a few good ones.

As far as the Q people that have moved to telegram, be cautious. Our intelligence community has deeply penetrated the Q movement in order to undermine it. If someone is openly supporting Q they are likely a government agent or a retard. People that actually understand Q (I haven’t met one in person) don’t talk about it openly because at this point it doesn’t do any good.

Here is the bottom line. There is NO single news source or podcaster I would send anyone to. Believe nothing anyone says. Check for yourself. Nobody else can be trusted to decide what you put in your brain. If you want to get to the truth about how the world works you are going to need to wade through mountains of shit and watch hours of propaganda to figure things out. I wish you luck.

This post is timely because the summer media push to fight vote rigging is just getting started. Arizona is making an announcement tomorrow and I hope they start dropping numbers. It will be hilarious. If we can get enough controversy going about it maybe the Supreme Court will do something. Maybe not. It does not really matter one way or the other. People that are awake can see that we are on a collision course with a mass societal awakening and nothing is going to stop it. Strap in.

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