Get Ready to Start Winning

Most people are demoralized at this point. I can’t say I blame them. Human civilization currently feels like it is being run by an evil HR Karen. The news is non-stop full steam propaganda. The covid controls are tightening all over the world (notable exception is the US).

People are getting the picture that they are losing what little sovereignty over themselves that they have left.

This is before you consider the economic situation.

World governments have gone full steam on endless money printing and endless debt. Nobody thinks this is going to go on forever… nobody smart that is. It seems to many that the world is about to enter a much darker period.

I must say, I don’t believe that we are headed for destruction. I don’t think these efforts to take more control of society are going to be successful.

All of this demoralization and negative energy that people have is about to be inverted. This negative energy is going to turn positive, and people are going to start pushing hard for change.

Look at these protests:

Right now these people look desperate… but hope is coming.

As soon as we start winning in the US, people around the world will start winning. The demoralized masses will wake up and start fighting if they see a real path to victory. It is up to us in the United States to light this off, but the chain reaction will be global.

Open your senses to the part that most people are trained to shut off. Your 6th sense of the world is a powerful one and you should listen to it. You can fell that unease in the world right now. It is a strange sort of tension… like everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It is coming soon.

15 thoughts on “Get Ready to Start Winning

  1. Relief cannot come soon enough. I feel like I’m the only person in my State that sees through their Shit. I’m almost Always the only person not wearing a Face Diaper in public. Makes me Sick. The Ignorance of humanity.

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  2. I’ve noticed less people wearing face diapers in CA. Now I see that Our Gov. is mandating the poison and hinting of the face diaper coming back. That’s BS, my Doctors have told me more than once that I’m NOT to have any vaccine at all ever due to my medications (2) that I must be on to save my life and put me into remission. So do I give the state of CA a doctors note??


  3. I know how you feel I see people everyday still wearing the face covering while driving alone in the cars and outside with no one else around them. People saying a new strain is coming so I will not be going out of my house. The Spanish community here in the Rio Grande Valley are scared to death and have not taken the face covering off at all. They are helping the local govt. to enslave the rest of us. It’s making me crazy. Others say they can’t see anything happening so it’s false and won’t listen, these are older people who should know better.


    1. Believe it or not, I passed a man driving ALONE in his CONVERTIBLE with the TOP DOWN & a MASK on!!😳
      I PRAY for those people every day, that they can free their minds of the FOG & WAKE -UP to the TRUTH!!🙏🌺🇺🇸


  4. It’s time for those that have sworn to protect our constitution to take action The military / Trump + need to take action before we are all forced to succumb to the deep state. Take action to Save us and we’ll be right there to support it! MAGA


  5. I believe in my core that they were trying to kill us all. Things are not going as planned so they manufactured this bs Delta Variant to force vaccines. Gates; Fauci; Soros; and the rest of the Global elites are the Devil’s hands. They are going to try and take away every privilege for humankind (Globally) to force this poison on us. I pray something is done sooner than later. May God help us all.


  6. I am NOT succumbing to them. This is America and the Patriots are in the many millions. They only want us to doubt our numbers. Don’t fall for it for We Are The Majority!


  7. My children have turned against me. They think I am crazy already for being a Christian. The good news is that people in Sioux Falls, SD are taking their masks off.Praise the Lord.


  8. PRAY FOR OUR CHILDREN,only two out of five think I still have sense, we need to pray for them and our grandchildren that took the shot.


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