NCSWIC isn’t just a catchphrase

I have this reader question:

“Once this movement is started what will prevent the cabal in shutting all communication down in retaliation to keep us peasants ignorant?”

You guys need to understand, Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing! NCSWIC

It sounds cool as fuck, but it isn’t just a catchphrase.

Don’t fear the cabal, there is literally nothing they can do to stop this situation from unraveling. Nothing.

Consider the larger picture here. The chess board that this game is being played on is the public consciousness. The things that people generally believe to be true. That’s the battle that is being waged here… between Trump and the criminal cabal. It isn’t about him being in office, it is about him showing the world the cabal. Once you see the cabal, you will never unsee it. It is that simple.

You see the cabal with the election steal and the covid bullshit and all this collusion against our interests by these powerful institutions. Maybe some of your friends see the cabal.

Most people do not see it.

Although this cabal may seem completely unbeatable, they are not. If everyone saw the cabal, there would be no cabal. It would be a peasant revolt.

The snowball towards public awareness of the cabal has quite clearly started rolling. If they made a move like “shutting down all communications” it would absolutely reveal the cabal to a LOT more people. Sure… some shitlibs would cheer the move on as a good step to stop covid misinformation or something… but a lot would wake up to the cabal.

This, fundamentally, is the cabal’s problem. Anything overt they do will just make what is going on obvious to a lot more people.

Another problem the cabal has is that their leadership is totally out of touch with how the peasants think. These cunts absolutely do not understand in any way, shape, or form how normal people operate. Because they have lost touch, they are losing their grip over society. The messaging we get now is too transparently manipulative to be truly effective. All the cabal knows how to do when caught in a lie is to lie more. They don’t get how normal people work. That isn’t ok with us.

There is simply no action that the cabal will take that can stop this ball rolling. It will be funny to watch them try.

5 thoughts on “NCSWIC isn’t just a catchphrase

  1. “I trust the plan… 100%… I trust Q… 100%… My trust gives me great comfort and I am free from the anxiety brought to the table by these lying criminal scum politician minions of the cabal… I know the end is near for them and regardless of the specifics God will always win… But can I explain my trust in the plan to people who don’t seem to get it… sadly no… I’ve tried to… Folks have such a great fear of knowledge… It is so hard to comprehend a persons “fear of freedom”… although I do understand how they have come to be brainwashed… But to all my fellow Patriots who do understand… You know that this is an exceptionally brilliant plan… A plan that will continue to have long term benefits for all of us going forward… There are truly great times in store for us in our future… So know this truth my friend… Once the evil one and his minions are fully exposed… The light of truth will open the eyes of the deceived and for those who were blind they will now be able to see… and too… The cries of the wicked and the sound of their gnashing teeth will open the ears of the deaf so they will now be able to hear the heinous lies that spew from the mouths of all of [satans] minions… So hear what is said and be not ye anxious… Nor feel alone and tremble with fear… Stand firm in your Faith… Strong… and know that this is true… We have all been given the Power… and the Authority… to change not only our lives… but also the lives of those around us… Come and see what they have done… Wake up to what is the very real Slave Trade Market… That is happening right now… this very minute as you read this… Happening now on this very day… and affects so many… Our innocent brothers… sisters… and children… Waking up and being aware will help save these people… Waking up and being aware will help in saving these children… Children are precious… not a commodity… God Bless and Protect all of these unfortunate souls… God Bless All Patriots around the world who righteously fight for the Innocent every single day and night… Love is the key to fully understanding your life in this world you are born into… Love will never let me steer you wrong… Winning with Jesus.”


  2. My FAITH is in God, My Savior… NOT ANYONE ELSE! That said, to the degree we can “know” what is going on, it certainly is fun watching this all unravel at the seems… and the black hats constantly having to come up with another narrative for the last one they tried didn’t work. EVERYONE KNOWS “somethin’ ain’t right!” Even the lemmings!!! They don’t know what, or even how to express what it is they’re sensing… but they KNOW something is “out of joint!” Regardless, I’m just sitting back and watching the show, educating others as I can.

    Making popcorn presently. 🙂


  3. Okay, I need an answer for this. In the early eighties I got a root canal. It has had the cap replaced once but it is still there. It started hurting the evening of 08-05-2021. Progressively worse each day. Hot and cold does not bother it. Air does not bother it. No swelling. Will be trying to get to dentist tomorrow. But with all my past experiences of eye surgeries for cataracts I am deathly afraid of dentist and eye doctor chairs. Around 4 or 5 years ago a sinus doctor tried to do a procedure to my nasal cavities to stretch them with a balloon. I warned him prior that I panic. He boasted that he could handle it. He apologized later that he was wrong. When the cartilage started cracking I panicked so bad that my bp went up to a certain level then my ________________ (rare disorder he said) kicked in and my bp dropped to 35 last I could hear as I was blacking out. Currently back to this at times when my old 4G phone shows 5 bars the pain is worse. My phone only has one to two bars in bedroom but on sat morning at around 3 it was pegged out at 5 and the tooth was excruciating. Lasted around an hour till my phone stayed below 2 bars. It is 11:22 08-08-2021 and about 45 minutes ago it was horrible. My wife found article that Titanium root canal pins get hot near 5 g. Article said that just one or two degree change creates an inflammation problem that only gets worse.

    Is 5g affecting my root canal or is it the possible Tesla Energy device. The cap feels hot at times, especially when it hurts bad. Currently its raining now and I have taken Curcumin, ibuprofen and Tylenol. That’s all I have. When it goes to hurting it makes me even tremor like it is so painfull. I hope my wife can get me into a local DMD Dr. HART. Please verify dental and other medical conditions before turning on tesla power. I could be wrong but it feels like an electrical buzz at times when it hurts. Yes it could be an abcess but I am not so sure. Are the 5G antennas part of the tesla power? Thanks, Tim



  4. Your use of vile language reveals your character… and it’s not needed and you still used it… as warriors we are not trigered like others may be but it tells us alot about you.


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