The plan to save the world

What I am seeing unfolding here is a brilliant plan to save the world. I mean…a positively inspired plan. So we are all living in a trance essentially. We are under the spell of a corrupt globofacist government and media empire. This empire is controlled by a criminal cabal. They run everything. They don’t prosecuteContinue reading “The plan to save the world”

Get Ready to Start Winning

Most people are demoralized at this point. I can’t say I blame them. Human civilization currently feels like it is being run by an evil HR Karen. The news is non-stop full steam propaganda. The covid controls are tightening all over the world (notable exception is the US). People are getting the picture that theyContinue reading “Get Ready to Start Winning”

Who can I trust?

Reader question: “Great summary of why we can have hope! Thank you.Something else I think would be helpful is the evaluation and maybe rating of info sources on platforms like Telegram, Rumble, etc. If you are just beginning to ‘wake up’, looking for more information can be extremely difficult and confusing. It seems like thereContinue reading “Who can I trust?”


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