Ben Shapiro is a Communist Shill

The title is pretty clickbaity.. but it’s true and I will come back around to it.

It seems to me that in many respects you can tell a lot about a persons views by their relationship to media. You are what you consume, as they say. I think that is true.

I have consumed a lot of media in my time. Quite a lot. All of the interesting commentary systematically moved off of cable news and onto the internet. After Trump was elected in 2016 we saw more and more censorship. It seemed like the left blamed the internet for losing the election. Hillary’s fucked up email scandal wasn’t blamed on Hillary, it was blamed on Big Tech for allowing the information to be disseminated. The left got angry and started pressing for more censorship. Alex Jones got banned from everything in 2017. He was the first. In 2020 it became clear that any non-corporate approved news content was being systematically deranked or completely removed from any mainstream internet sites or social media platforms.

It should be clear to everyone at this point that our media is in many ways controlled. It is difficult to know the extent of the control, but the control is there. The mainstream networks say the same things about the same topics. The same stories are covered on the same day in the same way by different outlets. There isn’t really any variation of opinion or topics of interest on ABC, NBC, or CBS. Its all the same.

It appears that all the big outlets are on message.. all the time.

This graphic should highlight mainstream political opinion.

Everyone is on message. You know the message.

Covid is scary.

Biden won the election.

Take your vaccine.

Even “opposition” media (like Fox or Daily Wire do not really oppose the establishment on anything that matters. The messaging from those outlets is more like “vaccine hesitancy is Joe Biden’s fault” rather than “not wanting to take the vaccine is ok”.

I mean… Tucker Carlson is considered the most right wing extremist on cooperate media. He talks about “spicy” stuff like illegal immigration. If Tucker Carlson is your version of a right wing extremist then you know you have a messed up world view.

That is one example among many of what “controlled opposition” looks like. This is Fox News. Tucker Carlson doesn’t get on TV and say whatever he wants. You don’t see Tuck blowing out the election fraud stuff. It’s not like he is unaware that it is real. Certain topics are just an absolute no go zone on corporate media.

This brings me back to the title. Ben Shapiro is a communist shill. Literally.

Do I think he is a communist in the traditional ideological sense? No. He is a communist in the more practical and real world sense. Let me explain

Daily Wire really blew up in 2020. They got huge and got a lot of reach. The outfit was pumped up with big money and amplified on Facebook. Did you notice that? They have so much money at this point they are shooting their own shitty movies.

Daily Wire did not get big on Facebook against the wishes of Mark Zuckerberg. Daily Wire didn’t get the kind of cash it has from people subscribing.

Notice how Daily Wire is all about building an alternate media landscape to “compete” with the mainstream media and Hollywood? This is a good way to waste your time and energy. This is how your movement goes nowhere. “Build your own Hollywood” when the other side already had decades of head start. This is a losing strategy to anyone with a brain and its a loser by design… because they people pushing it are smart

Every time I see Ben Shaprio crying about censorship I get irritated. Daily Wire didn’t beat leftist censorship in order to expand. Daily Wire was allowed by the oligarchs because in a critical moment (2020 election aftermath is a good example) Ben Shapiro can get on the air and LIE TO YOU. He doesn’t lie much… but he lied his ass off about voter fraud and he continues to lie. This is not a mistake, its a lie. Again, he knows all this shit is real.

Daily Wire is one example of many. I made an example because I assume the readers would be familiar… but there is tons of this astroturfed corporate controlled stuff mascaraing as grassroots stuff. It is everywhere. Go look on youtube. If you see the algorithm feeding you videos, the videos they feed regarding news are almost always going to be corporate approved outlets. Go check.

I assume most people reading this would identify as right wingers. You guys for sure see the big tech censorship for what it is. You don’t need to sell the right on the fact that censorship is happening and that it is real (lefties just deny deny deny). What might be news to right wingers is that lefties get censored on big tech too! They don’t get censored as much.. but if they get organized and start getting behind ideas that actually threaten the establishment… they get the hammer.


What we have, essentially, is a media monolith that pushes propaganda. Any opposition to the establishment is superficial at best. This is what life was like in the late 80s in the Soviet Union I would imagine. We have media that deluges us with bullshit so the establishment can run whatever game they want. The media landscape is so upside down that you have people pretending to fight the establishment who will go lose on purpose and take your money while they do it. It’s nuts!

I think the dissident elements in media is where you are starting to see things happen. The dissident right (Infowars, Nick Fuentes, Paul Joseph Watson etc) and the dissident left (Glenn Greenwald, Jimmy Dore, The Grayzone) are where you are seeing people really turn against the system itself.

The right wingers are mad for reasons that are obvious to readers here. We have had a scam pandemic and election fraud as a precursor Communist/Fascist/Globalist whatever you want to call it takeover. I think the right wing “gets it” for the most part. They maybe aren’t seeing the oligarchs as the absolute evil force that they are and are still hung up on “muh private companies” or the “build your own airline if you get no fly listed” ideas. The right maybe doesn’t see the global scale of this problem.. but in many respects the right is understanding the predicament our society is in. If we no longer can effect change with our vote, we have lost our sovereignty as a nation.

The left predictably isn’t seeing the problem… except for the dissidents. The lefties that are really serious about no war, no censorship, and implementing Northern European economic policy are totally tapped out with the legacy media and the democrats. The dissident left (led by Jimmy Dore and Glenn Greenwald) understands this simple fact: We can’t affect any meaningful change with our vote. The democrats promise $15 minimum wage, student debt relief, and many other similar programs. When the dems got power back they didn’t do any of the populist stuff that they talked about. They fire up the money printer and hand out the cash to their buddies in big business. The dems talk about helping the people and then just help themselves when they get the chance.

For the last 2 or 3 decades, voters have not had the ability to actually effect the course of their own government. The endless wars in the middle east were totally unpopular more than a decade ago.. and yet they drag on. Notice how the federal budget ticks up each year like clockwork? Notice that there isn’t much movement one direction or the other on social issues like gun control or abortion? It is just endlessly talking in circles?

It appears to me that people are figuring out they don’t live in a “free” country like they are supposed to. The government appears to work for itself and not for us. The establishment pretended for decades to be smart and capable and working on our behalf. They grabbed up more power and money for themselves and then lied about it. Things have gotten to the point that the people are not allowed to pick their own president anymore. As more and more people get the picture I think we will start to see some positive things happen.

The catalyst for this (as stated in other rants on this blog) will be the 2020 vote rigging scandal. As I sit here typing this the Arizona Audit is nearly done and there will be lots more states to follow. This will be the angle of attack against our political establishment. This is the way to win and actually fix this shit.

As an aside, I am eagerly waiting on the audit results… but I have a pretty good idea about what they will be. Trump won Maricopa (and thus Arizona) handily. They will be missing quite a few ballots (100s of thousands of them). The reasons for this stuff is going to be mind blowing… even for republicans. They wont believe it at first, but as more states do audits we will learn more and they will accept the reality of our situation. Then they can work to fix it. Its going to be awesome.

You want to have a laugh? Watch this video about how we may have had “Our Last Free and Fair Election”. It is total bullshit. Total reality inversion. Literally the opposite of the truth. If you know the election of 2020 was fucked up then this sort of propaganda will probably make you mad. Stop getting mad. Start laughing. These are grown adults telling lies that 8 year olds could see through so long as they are allowed to think for themselves.

You don’t push propaganda like this unless you are desperate. This is “Baghdad Bob” level of horseshit. The MSM medias ratings have collapsed. Nobody believes them anymore. Laugh at them. Make fun of them. When the audit results start coming we will see more.

One thought on “Ben Shapiro is a Communist Shill

  1. You failed to make your case that Ben Shapiro is a communist nope ain’t buying it. I will say though I will
    keep a closer eye on him and what he does and says……just in case.


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