The next 4 years will not be boring.

Watching current events unfold right now is most excellent. The attention being brought (by trump) to the Arizona ballot audit situation is incredible. I watched the court battles unfold in that state over the last couple months. The audit was most definitely uncertain but finally it has begun. Things are happening in other states at an accelerating pace but Arizona for sure has already yielded the most fruit.

Of course, the audit hasn’t really revealing anything yet, strictly speaking. It is still ongoing. But HOLY SHIT is the left hand side of the aisle losing its mind over this. They are running daily propaganda to discredit the audit and the people running it. They are talking about the threat this poses to confidence in elections moving forward. The hyperventilating is telling. People are seeing through this bullshit.

This story is the most effective stuff being posted against the audit. This guy Anthony Kern probably shouldn’t be involved. It looks bad. It never looks good when you have partisans involved in this stuff. Then again… I can assure you the people on the other side of this fight are vicious partisans. Don’t doubt that.

This Arizona situation will continue to evolve. I am sure that lefties will continue to go insane and try to stop the process. They don’t understand that this is going to keep getting pressed in all the swing states until dominoes start falling. The more they react the more they confirm what we already know.

On the covid front… the corporate/government/media cabal is pushing vaccines hard. Like… really hard. You would think that we should the vaccines widely available and the attitude be “yeah, come get one if you want one”. You might think that might make sense but you would be wrong. In this society you are irresponsible if you don’t get vaccinated. It is a little bit strange. Other medical care doesn’t work like this.

From the article:

“– Even if life is already starting to look more normal, the US will never reach herd immunity if young adults don’t step it up. Health experts say we need at least 70% to 85% of the US population immunized to reach herd immunity and get this pandemic under control.”

I don’t think we are going to hit these numbers. I think it doesn’t really matter because covid is going to keep mutating and spreading anyway. I think this messaging gives the ruling class the ability to blame Trump voters for it when there is a new variant that evades the current vaccine spreading around.

In any event, the news has been pretty damn good this week. Lots of things are happening and we keep getting clues about where things are headed next. The next 4 years will not be boring.

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