The plan to save the world

What I am seeing unfolding here is a brilliant plan to save the world. I mean…a positively inspired plan.

So we are all living in a trance essentially. We are under the spell of a corrupt globofacist government and media empire. This empire is controlled by a criminal cabal. They run everything.

They don’t prosecute anyone of their people for anything.


 Iraq war



Russian collusion hoax

There really isn’t a way to get rid of the cabal. (not without a civil war)

You obviously can’t vote the cabal out of power, as we found out in 2020.

Violence can’t win. Look at jan 6 for an example. The relatively tame riot by riot standards has been totally weaponized against us. Any such political violence will be used against us. Bad idea!

So what is the solution?

When Trump discovered the true nature of the cabal, he got religion and figured out a way to bring them down.

While in office, Trump quite masterfully decided to use the “qanon” program to accomplish a number of important objectives. However, the basic idea was to subvert cabal media control by communicating in anonymous imageboards. Now, this is all so preposterous that most people don’t believe an elected leader would do something like it… but he did. I assure you he did.

Using Qanon Trump painted the outlines of the cabal for the followers. Many of them saw and understood the cabal and the great evil of it. The cabal noticed this and moved to censor. This censorship campaign just added fuel to the fire. This is classic subversion.

Trump leveled threats of a “storm” coming, where the cabal would be rounded up and executed for their crimes. Q was painted as a sophisticated military operation to be unleashed on the cabal. It wasn’t. This was a hoax. Trump just lined things up so that from an outside perspective it would appear as though he could use the military at a time of his choosing. He never intended to use the military.

The point of the hoax threat of military action was to build fear in the cabal and provoke them to respond. Do you notice how sensitive the media still is about the subject? They act like you are totally nuts to think that a large portion of our establishment is part of a criminal cabal. This overreaction to a relatively benign internet community is a big tell.

Trump also build himself an army of followers, people eager to dig for information and look to fill in knowledge gaps about the cabal. These followers recruited more followers and at this point he doesn’t even need qanon to communicate to these people.

The real masterstroke of this plan came with his reaction to the 2020 election. He made the one move that the cabal never considered. Trump left office peacefully and has turned his army of supporters on the election fraud issue using state level mechanisms.

Now Trumps army has been set to fighting back against the cabal from the local level on up things are happening. People are pushing for election audits and have tremendous energy, more than ever before. The law is on their side and the truth is on their side.

The cabal, on the other hand, is anchored into this lie. As this lie implodes the full extent of cabal control will become more and more clear to more and more people. This snowball effect will cause layer after layer of corruption and criminality to be pulled back. I don’t see this stopping until we get to Zuckerberg. The crimes that could be hung on that guy are pretty serious. Treason I think.

In a way Trump will conjure up what the cabal fears by turning the cabals reaction to his moves back against the cabal. They are going to help bring about the storm they fear.

In the end, people will come to see how dark the cabal really is. We will beat them!

Trump is a maestro of subversion. This plan to save the world from the cabal without a civil war is inspired. He is using the cabals lies against the cabal and will come out being known as a hero and a truth teller. All he has to do at this point is keep pushing the same issues.

I have a pretty strong feeling that the true nature of the cabal and the manner of our victory will provide a logical and accepted proof that there is a higher power.

These events will change the world for the better.

11 thoughts on “The plan to save the world

  1. You have the general idea I think but you missed one key componant…God. This is a war of good vs evil. Is Trump perfect…no, no one is. He is a modern Cyrus turned into King David or a Moses if you will. He is fighting a war that no one else will touch.

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    1. I didn’t forget…. I just don’t want to get ahead of myself.

      God will come at the end of this ride for most. The nature of our victory and the true nature of our opponent will serve as a logical proof of god that will stand the test of time.

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  2. I have to be honest and say I don’t believe you when you say, Q is a hoax. There is evidence that Q was formed during Lincoln’s presidency to protect him. I learned this information listening to Bishop Larry Gaithers several months ago. Others have told of a group of over 800 military intelligence based in Reston, Virginia.
    If what you say is true, why would you reveal such information? That’s similar to learning your parents were Santa all over again. Very crushing to the spirit, I must say.
    Though I’m sure you have your reason(s), I believe this information may cause a devastating blow to the Q movement worldwide. Lastly, the evil ones can read your blog just as well as Patriots/supporters of Trump. Why would you even disclose this?


    1. “If what you say is true, why would you reveal such information? ”

      Q isn’t a hoax… its more like a bluff. By bluffing the other side into thinking a storm was coming trump created the circumstances for exactly such a storm. It sounds strange but once you wrap your head around it, it makes sense.

      There is no downside to disclosing this at this point. Nothing can stop this.

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  3. You’re wrong about not having the military back him up. It’s the military that recruited him and has been
    protecting him. It’s the military that is having secret military tribunals. It’s the military that are the ones to
    go round up the cabal, because no one else can do that.

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  4. Here’s what I think. I think President Trump is brilliant! I have my own ideas about Q and what is really going on, but I will hold those close to my heart as the days play out and what will happen, will happen. I did some research on The Looking Glass and String Theory. Fascinating stuff!

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  5. You are wrong about so many things ,this will be won by God and no one else ,listen to the profits he as already won .If you don,t believe in him then you and others like you have already lost. I will pray for you God Bless


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